How to Forgive

I'm sure we've all been angry before. Or wronged before. Maybe your significant other took the last slice of pizza when you wanted it. Maybe your mom went through all of your personal belongings. Maybe someone beat you in a game of Mario Kart and shoved it in your face and laughed at you while you were losing.

No matter the case, anger isn't something pleasant to hold onto. It'll kick you while you're down. It doesn't bring justice to people who have harmed you; it only makes you feel miserable while the other person is having a grand, jolly ole time.

Forgiveness is the key to letting anger go, and putting the past behind you. Sometimes it isn't for the other person, but it's so YOU can have closure! Either way, forgiveness is DEFINITELY worth it :).

Here are six to-dos I found on Positively Positive when it's time to forgive someone:

1. Find inspiration in others’ forgiveness.

2. Try to see all sides of the story.

3. Get help.

4. Cut the cord.

5. Let go of blame.

6. Push past the fear.

For more information on how to forgive, check out the full article on Positively Positive here.

Until next time,

Vicky :)

P.S. This blog is dedicated to a certain someone. I forgive you for laughing at me while I tripped over your bananas in Mario Kart!