How to Find Airline Error Fares (AKA, SUPER Cheap Flights)

Finding error fares is a dream come true to any small-pocketed person with big traveling dreams. It’s like walking down the street and finding a 5-dollar bill on the ground… but better. Way better.

I discovered a few sites that are dedicated to catching error fares made by airlines. Basically, what this means is that the wrong fare is entered into the system for the flight. Could be a result of human error, inaccurate currency conversions, or omitting addition fees… who knows? Nonetheless, thank you, fairy airline people.

And guess what? It happens all the time.

A few examples from this year:

  • American Airlines had a roundtrip ticket from Detroit to Cuba for $186.
  • JetBlue had a roundtrip ticket from Washington, DC to Fort Lauderdale for $58.

So how do I get the error fare?!

All you need to do is have a travel stash and a lot of spontaneity… oh, and stalk sites that literally post error fares for a living.

Sites to check:  

They literally update their sites non-stop. It’s good to check them all and as often as possible, just in case one posts something that another hasn’t yet spotted. 

The only thing about going this route is that you must book the trip as soon as you see the deal. Sometimes the errors only last hours, sometimes minutes. So, don’t think you have two months to save up a travel fund. Doesn’t work like that, boo. Also, it’s usually only for certain dates, so you need a pretty flexible schedule.

It is also important to know that there's a chance that an airline can revoke error flights, though it is very unlikely. Usually they award it, but if they choose not to, your money will be refunded - as it was a mistake on their part.

Another tip – Follow these sites on social media! Keep as close of an eye as possible on their postings so you don’t miss out on some amazing deals.

Happy Travels!

Be Easy,