How To Book A Cheap Flight

Going on vacation is super exciting, especially if this is your first trip as a “real” adult. No parents tagging along, no rules, and no supervision. It also means no help with food expenses, transportation, and flight costs. In all the excitement it’s important to not be impulsive in your flight purchase. There’s a skill to purchasing your flight so that you can get the right price.


1.     Compare, Compare, Compare!

There are tons of comparison sites that will show you the prices of several airlines and hotels all at once. Use sites like Kayak or Google Flight to help you compare. You can look at the calendar and see what the average price of that flight is by looking at different months. You’ll be able to see what is high for the flight and what is low.



2.     Bundle

You can save hundreds of dollars by bundling your flight and hotel. You can use Expedia or to get bundled rates.



3.     Be Decisive

Don’t wait around too long for prices to drop or friends to book their flights. When you see a cheap flight, book it! Deals disappear within minutes sometimes. Most booking sites and airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy so if you regret the purchase or you can’t make the accommodation you have a day to cancel.



4.     Price Match

Most reputable airlines have a price match policy and if you find that your flight is cheaper online a few days after your purchase you can take that price to your airline and they will give you a voucher for the difference.


Take your time and do some quick research before booking your flight. It can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! Do you have tips on how to save on flight? Share them in the comments.


Stay Young & Be Free,