How to Avoid Going Broke from Fall Clothes Shopping

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Everything is just… better. It’s not too hot, not too cold. You can let yourself go underneath big sweaters and leggings. Yes, let yourself go. No need to suck in your stomach anymore. Summer body season is officially over, and fall flab has officially begun. I'm perfectly fine with that. 

But Fall is the culprit of my money. I know I’m not the only one who gets excited when I walk into stores and see all the sweaters, scarves, and boots in the front, and all the shorts on the clearance rack. That’s when fall officially begins for me.

 It’s the season of fashion… so I literally can’t help myself.

But here are some tips for all you Fall shoppers who struggle with turning down a cute leather jacket, or a nice pair of boots.

Repurpose Summer Stuff

A lot of Summer clothes can be repurposed for Fall. Don’t be too quick to put dresses, skirts or even some ripped jean shorts off to the side. Throw some dark tights under them, with a nice chunky sweater and boots, and you’ve got yourself a Fall outfit.

Buy the basics for cheap

Thing like basic t-shirts, leggings, and sometimes even jeans, you can buy for cheap at H&M, or Forever 21… even guys! Don’t spend your money where it won’t be noticed. A Calvin Klein white t-shirt will look the same to the typical eye, as an H&M white t-shirt.

Splurge Where It’ll Show

There are three things that will catapult any Fall wardrobe: a leather jacket, a good pair of boots, and a staple handbag. For men, swap the handbag for a watch. If you do have some money to splurge, make it count on things that are noticeable, and will be good to wear for years to come.  

Go Thrifting

Fall is the best time to hit up the thrift store or consignment shops. You can find tons of designer stuff, lots of cheap sweaters, and vintage accessories. Before you go, pick through your wardrobe and see what you can resale to get a few extra dollars.

 If you have any Fall shopping tips, let me know! 


Be Easy,