How Not to Get Mugged

Part of saving money is making sure you hold on to the money you have.  By not letting robbers get it, of course. 

From's video "How Not to Get Mugged," I'll share a few tips to deter potential attackers. Of course, I'm just assuming you're not a black belt / sumo wrestler / Chuck Norris. If you are any of those, you can disregard these tips, because you're awesome.
1) Put away the iPod. You're basically just begging to get mugged. Even the old-school iPod Shuffles can be sold for a few bucks to an unsuspecting elementary school student. Everyone's hard up for cash these days.
2) Keep your wallet in your front pocket. I HOPE you'd notice if someone stuck their hand in your front pocket.
3) Don't dress to the nines if you're just knocking about town. Expensive clothes = theoretical dollar signs in the eyes of potential muggers. You've seen the movies. The bad guys will mug Bruce Wayne's dad, not the dude in a skullcap playing saxophone for tips.
4) Don't act like a tourist, even if you are a tourist. Tourists usually have a larger-than-usual amount of cash on them. Like the video says, "Stop starin' at those buildings!"
5) Exude confidence. If you look like you know where you're going and people know you, a robber is going to think twice before taking your stuff.
I'm not going to lie to you, the video is much better than my blog, so take a look here: 

As Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter says, "Constant vigilance!"


Stay awesome!