How Much Sleep Is Enough Sleep?

I am back in Michigan, sitting in my cube this morning and I can’t help but wish I was in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and I was on vacation last week! I don’t understand why I am still craving sleep! We laid low during our awesome vacation and basically laid around for 7 days. From the pool to the beach to the bed, we were professional nappers! So, why am still sleepy?

Research shows that adults who get less than seven hours of sleep have more difficulty concentrating and they tend to get more moody than people who sleep seven to nine hours! If you are a full time student, part time student, have a full time job or you’re a parent, getting the proper amount of sleep can seem impossible. So the question remains, how can I either get enough sleep or gain a little more energy?

  • Take vitamins!

I will be the first to admit I forget to take my vitamins all the time, but when I take them I notice a difference in my body! If you can’t get the proper amount of sleep, you need to make sure your body is still getting taken care of.

  • Take a regular nap on your day off.

 Studies show that just a 10minute nap in the middle of the afternoon can help you stay more alert, although 30minutes is recommended.

  • Turn off the TV, stop looking at your tablet, computer and phone at night.

Apparently technology affects our sleep because of cognitive stimulation. Basically it gets your brain running, and some activity on your tv, phone or computer can make your body tense. So, after 10 or 11 maybe 12, turn off the devices, go to sleep, talk with your friends or family or read a book. 

  • Eat some cherries and bananas. 

When I looked up what foods should I eat to help me sleep I was surprised by some of the items on the list like cherries and bananas. They are natural, fairly inexpensive snacks that you can eat before bed that will help your body calm down and relax.

So, yes I had a well-rested vacation but now it’s time to get myself on a healthy sleep schedule. Even with our busy lives, and youth we still need to take care of our bodies and get some rest. Did you learn anything from today’s post? I would love to know!