Holiday Savings Account

Winter seems pretty far away.  I mean, the weather is JUST starting to warm up, and I’m already talking ahead to times where it’s going to be cold and snowy and... yuck. But guess what guys? That’s not all that’s ahead for us during those winter months. The holidays are on the horizon as well! Times of celebration consist of food, parties and a lot of gifts, all of which can cost a lot of money! Instead of letting winter shopping sneak up on you (which believe me, it will) you should get prepared and start saving now!

A great way to prepare is to take advantage of holiday savings accounts. At Michigan First Credit Union, there is a Holiday Club account where you can set aside money each week, so you aren’t scrounging around for it when it’s time to start shopping. It’s a FREE account and has no minimum balance. Look at it this way: if you start saving $15 a week today, you’ll have $330 dollars by October 1st. The money is deposited directly into your savings account just in time to buy some nice presents!

For more information on the Holiday Club account, click here!

Until next time,

Vicky :)