Holiday Job Hunting


Heads up for all of you that rely on being hired for a seasonal part-time position. The holiday season looks promising, but in this economy, it might not be as easy as it was in the past to get hired at places like Best Buy and American Eagle.
This article from the LA Times makes sure to mention that most retailers will hire about the same amount of seasonal help as last year, but some report a slight decrease. Stores are hesitant to hire a boat load of new help, since no one can accurately predict if the holiday season will be a boom or a bust.
If you're looking to get hired seasonally, apply sooner rather than later. Check out places like UPS or FedEx, whose business picks up drastically around the holidays regardless of in-store sales (I don't think Amazon ever hurts for business during the holidays, so there will be plenty of packages to deliver!)
Happy job hunting!
Stay awesome!