Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Today is the ending of another year, and tomorrow will be the start of a brand new one. Instead of getting all mushy and gushy on you about the passage of time and that sort of stuff, I’d rather give you guys a big shout out to “CELEBRATE.” I’d also like to share with you to stay safe, as well as to enjoy the rest of 2013.


Stay safe

new years.jpg

Don’t drink and drive

DON’T drink too fast

Stay hydrated

And of course, watch your drinks

If you’re going out, stay with a team

Don't eat the potato salad that has been sitting out for ages




Enjoy your night

Soak up the pleasure of good company

If you've got nothing to do, take advantage of it and RELAX

Things to do if you’re celebrating alone

Eat good food



Wishing you all the happiest and healthiest of new years,

Vicky :)