Happy Fourth of July - Freedom!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying yourselves on this fine day as I know I am. Hopefully you've found yourself an awesome spot to watch fireworks along side of friends and family, or that you've simply found some time to relax. 

Being Young & Free, and as this is the anniversary as our Nation’s independence as well, I wanted to encourage everyone to live as free as we’re given the opportunity to. As in don’t let the things you cannot control prevent you from living free. For example – don’t let the little stresses from the day-to-day trap you in some downer mood.

LET GO of what you cannot control! If you’ve made a mistake, I believe today is the PERFECT time to finally forgive yourself. You cannot beat yourself day in and day out over something you cannot change and if you don’t forgive yourself, I promise that you will not be living freely. Worrying about the unchangeable traps you in a constant state of stress. 

SO - take today off and really just free yourself from the typical day-to-day worries you trap yourself in.  

Have an AWESOME Fourth everyone!

Vicky :)