Habits to Break in 2015...

Alright Young & Free, I don't think this blog needs much of an intro, I'm basically putting myself on blast in the hopes that it will inspire you to break some not so great habits you might have yourself. 

  1. Stop twirling my hair. This has been a habit of mine for longer than I can even remember. The bad part is, when I twirl my hair, I actually rip it out! Thank God I don't have any bald spots! But this is a bad habit and it needs to stop, so I am going to try my hardest to stop twirling my hair this year.
  2. Stop wrinkling my brow. Not all together, because obviously this is an expression, but I do it way too much and I don't want to develop pre-mature wrinkles and I also don't want to look mean, so I am going to stop this as much as possible. 
  3. Stop letting the junk mail pile up. This year I will rip up and throw out all unnecessary mail no more yucky piles of mail just hanging out on the counter! No Sir! To the shredder it goes! 
  4. Let them finish. I will remain determined to keep my mouth shut and listen to whoever is talking, I will wait for them to finish before I start talking. I don't want to be the big mouth girl who cuts everyone off. I will be a better listener. 

What about you? Do you have some bad habits you want to break?

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,