13 things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do...

While at TedX Oakland University, author and professional psychologist, Amy Morin gave a wonderful speech about 13 things mentally strong people don’t do. (Which she has also written a book about.)  She told some incredibly impelling personal stories about how she has had to be a mentally strong person. So, I’m just going to list a few things Amy said that really hit home for me!

Unhealthy beliefs about ourselves have got to go. Things like, self-pity, or when we exaggerate our misfortune and let our emotions overtake us are extremely unhealthy and can potentially mess up more than just our emotions.

Unhealthy beliefs about other people can be poison to our mind. Be careful how you view other’s on social media. Don’t let yourself think better or worse of people because of what the post. Remember people really only post what they really want you to see. Amy also said, when we start saying things like, I have to stay at work late, or I have to do this you are giving away your power. Remember you don’t have to do anything. In order to stay mentally healthy and strong, watch what you say.

Unhealthy beliefs about the world can dilute your perception.  When we believe we deserve something, but we don’t achieve it or claim it, that can potentially harm our mental health. So remember nothing is a guarantee and nothing is a right. It’s a privilege and success takes hard work.

Amy told us, you cannot afford, not to break your unhealthy mental habits.

When mentally strong people make it through tough adversity, it’s not because of something they did, but because of something they didn’t do. Break your bad habits today.

Acknowledge you bad habits and slowly start replacing them with better ones. You will see an impact.

Thanks Amy for your powerful wisdom and advice. I defiantly have some reevaluating to do.

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,