GREAT Back to School Deals!

I Love My Job...

As the Young & Free Spokesperson, I believe that it's my duty to pass along GREAT opportunities/deals like the ones I came across today!  For any of you that are moving away for school in the fall, into a new apartment (like me), OR just looking to stock up on some new stuff, here are some awesome & affordable sources for all of your apartment/dorm shopping!  Check it out…

Don't let CRAZY prices make your dorm boring!



Okay, so you’ve already heard of Amazon already, BUT have you checked out this category they have online?  It is dedicated to all things cheap when it comes to stocking your new dorm.  If you are partial to ordering things online, then click on this link!  They’ve got both used and new items for sale.  Now I don’t know if I would buy a used pillow case….but I’ll leave that decision up to you ;)  Most of these items are 25% off!


While I see the benefits of shopping online, I am definitely someone who likes going into the store to visually see and hold the item before I purchase it.  Call me paranoid I know, but I recently ordered a phone case online from some weird website and NEVER got the case in the mail. :( ANYWAY, Target has some excellent deals going on right now for all of their back to school stuff.  Click here!  Sure it’s not William and Sonoma quality, but HEY, IT’S AFFORDABLE! :D
Keep checking back for more updates on great deals going on throughout the rest of the summer.  I promise to keep you guys updated as the summer winds down!
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