Gouda and Garlic Butter Pull Apart Bread Recipe

Are you hungry? Craving something delicious yet easy to make? Then it’s about time to make yourself some tasty gouda and garlic pull apart bread!

In order to create this delicious meal, you will need these ingrediants:

  • One large sour dough bread
  • Garlic & parsley butter
  • And slices of gouda cheese
  • You will also need aluminum foil. 

Once you have everything you need, dive into your chefhood and get started!

  • First, you'll need to cut the bread both vertically and horizontally. But DO NOT cut the bread all the way through.
  • Second, spread the garlic & parsley inbetween the slices you just cut.
  • Third, place the sliced pieces of gouda cheese into the cuts of the bread.
  • Fourth, take aluminum foil and wrap the bread. Place it in a pre-heated oven of 350 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes. After the ten minutes have passed, take the foil off of the bread and let it sit in the oven for an additional ten minutes.

After this, take the bread out of the oven and enjoy!

Your favorite chef ;)