Giving Generation-Y a Voice

Thinking About Michigan First?

One of the best parts of my job is the responsibility I have to give Generation-Y a voice.  I know I trust one of my friend’s recommendations over a television or radio advertisement any day, and I definitely feel like I am not alone.  I feel much more confident when buying something, if one of my friends encouraged me to do so first. That’s why when Michigan First member, Mike Newton, offered to share his experiences, I jumped at the opportunity to capture his story.

I can promise you that this interview was not scripted at all in any capacity.  Mike simply wanted the chance to share his story in an effort encourage young adults not satisfied with their financial institutions to take a look at Michigan First Credit Union.  This is his story…

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If you are a current member who wants to share their experience or just someone with a story to tell, email me at  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear your story.

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