Girl Scouts & Financial Literacy

A step in the right direction! The Girl Scouts of America decided it was time for an overhaul of the merit badge system

I was a Brownie in grade school, but I never advanced any further - however, I had lots and lots of badges. I was a regular little Girl Scout overachiever. (I wrote in my recently-discovered journal in first grade that "I have more badges than [my friend.] Clearly I knew how to be humble.)

Why does this apply to Young & Free? WELL, The Girl Scouts are adding five new badges dedicated to financial literacy! This seems pretty beneficial, since they have to handle all that money from the cookie sale . . . 

Anyway, the five new badges are:

1) Goal setting

2) Decision making

3) Money management

4) People skills

5) Business ethics

These are skills that any person should learn at a young age, and the fact that it's being integrated into such an awesome organization is fantastic!

Do any of you know any other organizations that highlight financial literacy to youngsters? Let me know!

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Stay awesome!