Gifts from the Heart, Not from the Wallet

People these days! 8 trillion dollar engagement rings, three over-the-top wedding gowns for ONE wedding, $20,000 cakes that no one gets to eat (I'm talking to YOU, Kim Kardashian!). It's kind of ridiculous. The thing that I would worry about, though, is buying a gift for such a glamorous, filthy stinkin' rich couple. What can you give them that they can't already buy?

That's easy - something homemade! offers some great tips for homemade gifts, including but not limited to:



Seriously, how hilarious would it be to give Kim Kardashian a friendship bracelet for her wedding? Of course, these gift ideas are for the less . . . Hollywood of us, but check out all the awesome gifts you can make your poor college student friends!


Stay awesome!