Getting Ready to Run Drugs out of Town

5k’s (3.1 miles) can be HARD, especially when you’re out of shape and you haven’t run in a while. There are TONS of different things one can do in order to make running a little bit easier; for example, one can run for a cause they feel strongly about or believe in. By signing up to race, you’re fighting for something you believe in.

SO – this Saturday I’m running the 5th annual Run Drugs Out of Town 5k.  All of the profits from this race go directly to the education on the abuse of narcotics, the dangers of abuse and to prevent potential users from using. I know there are TONS of families who suffer from this and my heart definitely out-beats my body when it comes to running this 5k.

I know sometimes it may not seem as if the heart is enough to carry your legs across that finish line, and so preparing for the 5k will make the run easier.

Going in blind to 5k training, one would have NO idea what they’re doing. It’s like driving somewhere without having a destination, you end up spinning your wheels for nothing. And with that, I give this advice: have a game plan.

Don’t set yourself an unrealistic goal. If you’re still BRAND NEW to running, finishing the race may be your goal.. And that’s A-OKAY, you'll be able to accomplish more with time :). And until you do get further, take the steps you need to in order to do what you can now.

Once you have your goal in mind, make a schedule! PRACTICE EVERY DAY. How you practice depends on where you’re starting off. For example, if you run marathons, it’d make sense to go out and run 10 miles. But if you haven’t run in a year, start small. Run one mile a day for a few days and then bump up the distance.  And make sure  you’re giving a body a break – I always take at least one day off during training.   It’s better to be slow and steady than to burn out too fast. Because once you burn out, I promise that you’ll be going a lot slower while sitting on the couch due to an injury.

And while it is important to go out there and train, it’s also important that you’re giving your body the proper nutrition. EAT HEALTHY The food you put into your body is just like the fuel you put into your car. Well, not JUST LIKE. But it does serve the same purpose. For example, you wouldn’t expect to go very far pouring vinegar in your gas tank. The same way, don’t expect to have a bunch of energy when you’re lacking vitamins, proteins and electrolytes. You’ve GOT to give your body good nutrition in order to expect it to perform at it's best. So put down that McDonald’s for a change and go grab something your body can use: fruits and veggies. For more information on what to eat while you’re running, click here.

A couple of other things I think are helpful when it comes to 5k training include:


2.       Eat/drink protein after runs.

3.       Even if you’re tired, keep going – it’ll be over soon.

4.       Don’t ever take more than two lazy days a week. They add up into months.

5.       HAVE FUN!

Hopefully I’ll use my own advice and do well this Saturday for Run Drugs out of Town!

See you there, 

Vicky :)