Generation Y: Hooray, We're Not Losers!



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I don't know about you, but I hear it all the time from various sources:
1) Generation Y is lazy.
2) Generation Y feels entitled to privileges they don't earn.
3) Generation Y is socially disconnected.
4) Generation Y doesn't know what "work ethic" is.
5) Generation Y is negative and pessimistic.
So you can imagine how refreshing it was when I stumbled across this blog post from Delia Lloyd, a freelance writer who once worked at Chicago Public Radio, taught political science in universities, and worked in the Washington, D.C. policy making community.
Lloyd wrote the blog post in response to a New York Times magazine article that basically discussed how Generation Y is delaying adulthood. She points out that delaying adulthood isn't necessarily a bad thing, and highlighted some "new" facts about Generation Y.
Some of us move back in with our parents after college or financial hardship. So what? Lloyd cites some pretty impressive research supporting her position that Gen Y isn't the lazy, misguided, cynical group we're often made out to be in the media.
Check out both articles and see what you think. Stay strong, Gen Y! We're not losers!
Stay awesome!