Gen Y, We're Getting Jobs Again!

Good news for us youngsters! We're getting hired again! 

CNN Money reports that around 650,000 of us Gen Y-ers found jobs in the past three months, which is obviously extremely good news for those of us looking for jobs now or who are looking to graduate school in a few months. Our age group took a huge hit in the recession, since many companies experienced a hiring freeze during the economic downturn.
While it's likely that many of these jobs aren't specifically related to trade skills or degrees (many are in retail or other service-related industries), the fact remains that it's not as hard as it once was to score a decent income.
Some experts worry that companies aren't hiring in young professionals to train them for future leadership opportunities like they should be doing.
But many of us at the moment are just looking to make ends meet, pay off student loans, or start saving for the future, so any income helps. 
The reason for some companies' hesitancy to hire young workers? In this economy, many older, more experienced workers are willing to work for lower salaries, which wasn't true in the past. Hopefully, though, the work force will realize that not all of us are the lazy ne'er-do-wells we're sometimes made out to be in the media.
Get out there, Gen Y, and make that cash! If you're willing to work hard and move up the ladder, you just might get the job you want and deserve.
Stay awesome!