Gas Station Loyalty Programs

We use them to drive. We use them to eat. We use them to use the restroom, and even to buy aspirin. Do you know what I’m talking about yet? If you guessed “gas stations,” then you were right.

Whether we’re in the mood for a Slurpee or if we need to fill up the tank, I’m pretty sure we’ve ALL been to a gas station for something. So let me ask you: are you a part of a gas station loyalty program? A lot of gas stations, including BP®, Speedway® and Shell® stations, have free loyalty programs for those who pump gas and buy snacks at their stations. Depending on the loyalty program, you can earn discounts by spending so much money or by buying certain items.


I currently am a loyal gas patron at Speedway® and I do take advantage of their loyalty program called “Speedy Rewards.” Their gas is usually pretty cheap anyways, and they have a lot of stations close to me.  I receive 20 points for every dollar I spend in the store, and 10 points for every gallon of gas I buy. Over the course of three years, I have earned 9,376 points.  With these points, I can get a $10 Speedway gift card, a $0.50 per gallon discount, or even some free food.

Once I get to 108,000 points, I can receive a $100 Vanilla Visa Gift card… Oh, how my options seem limitless. To see how the Speedway reward programs works, check out their Speedy Rewards Website.


Grocery stores also participate in these loyalty programs, providing discounts for those who shop with them. For example, Kroger® has their own fuel program where you can earn “fuel points,” simply by shopping and pumping your gas with them. For every dollar spent shopping, you’d receive one fuel point. Every fuel point equals a one penny discount per gallon of gas. You can earn up to 100 fuel points, saving a dollar a gallon when you pump gas at a Kroger fuel station. To get more information on the Kroger fuel program, check out their Kroger Fuel website here.

So if you’re going to get gas anyways, why not open a FREE loyalty program? The perks will add up over time. You visit the gas station on a regular basis; you might as well get something out of being there.

Until next time,