Garage Sale To-Do List

If you're looking to make a little extra money this summer, try having a garage sale (also known as a yard sale). Garage sales are an AWESOME way to clean out your house, get rid of things you never use, make money off of those things AND to enjoy the spring/summer weather!

So what do you need to have a nice garage sale?

I've put together a to-do list for you guys so you'll be ready to host your own garage sale!

The Garage To-Do List

Check for your city's requirements

Some cities require you to have a permit for a garage sale. Depending on where you live, a permit can cost anywhere from $5-$10.  For some permits, there are no costs. Either way, if you'll need a permit, you'll need to get the garage sale OKed days before the sale starts. So do your research and get a permit if needed to avoid fines!

Set a date for your sale

I would do this before you check with the city, this way you know in advance in case the date is needed for a permit from your city. Setting a date will also give you time to prepare and collect your items for your garage sale.

Enlist a friend for a day of the sale

Garage sales are hard to manage on your own. Someone might want to pay while someone else had a question, and having a friend available to assist will make all of that so much more manageable. Not to mention, the buddy system is important here. You want to have someone there in case something ever should happen. Having a friend is safer than being alone.

Gather what you want to sell

First thing's first, go through all of your stuff! Look through your closet, your storage boxes, your attic, anywhere where you keep your stuff. If you haven't used something in over a year, chances are you won't miss it once you sell it!

Price your items and keep it in a list

Figure out how much you're going to sell each item, and then write down those prices. This will help you remember how much each item costs in case a price tag happens to fall off and get lost during the sale. It'll also get your mind in the right place about pricing.

Put price tags on the items

This way people know how much they'll be paying!

Advertise your sale

People need to know you're having a sale. This is key to having a big audience come and hopefully buy your stuff! A great place to advertise your sale is Craigslist. Maybe people look here when they want to go to a garage sale. You can also contact your local paper and look into putting an add in for your sale!

You can also advertise by making signs and hanging them up in local areas where folks will be walking by. Telephone polls and  local businesses that have areas to pin signs are good places for these types of signs.

Clean and set up your garage or yard

If people are coming to buy, make sure they're coming somewhere clean. People might not want to stop at a place that is messy and not put together. Once the area's clean, set up tables to put your items on. Items can also be set on the ground, but tables are nicer for display and easier for people to grab what it is they want to buy. After everything's set up, place your items where you want them!

Have change and small bills

If someone pays with a larger bill, you're going to have to have smaller bills and change to give money back!  If you don't have change available, the person might opt out and decide not to purchase the item.

Put your smiley face on

When it's the day of the sale, be ready to go! Have a good attitude because chances are, you'll be working with people most of the day.

Extra tips and tricks

Have some chairs to sit in for yourself and your helper(s).

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Be prepare for it to rain. Have covers ready for your table full of items or be ready to bring items into the garage/house! Especially if any of your items will be ruined when getting wet. There's also no shame in closing your sale due to weather. Chances are if it's pouring rain, people won't be coming to your sale anyways.

If you have any other garage sale tips, please leave them below!

Until next time,

Vicky :)