[Funny] Back to School Advice for Teens Who Hate School

School ain't for everybody. Everyone's not an A student, and that's okay.

Going back to school is more bittersweet than a Sour Patch Kid. Bitter because, I mean… it’s school. But sweet because it’s something special about new beginnings, seeing your friends, and busting out your new fresh clothes and school supplies.

But after the first week that sweet ‘new beginning feeling’ gets so stale, it's not even funny.

Here’s my advice to you for this school year:

  1. Sit next to someone smart. Not to cheat, or course. You will, however, have the best table partner in the game and get higher grades because of him/her. Finesse at it’s very finest.  
  2. Make YouTube your math tutor.
  3. Have a diverse group of friends. This ties into point #1. Get some smart friends, so you have resources. Some athletic friends to help you stay fit. And some fun friends to keep you sane.
  4. Take snacks.
  5. Be an undercover teacher’s pet. You don’t have to be all extra and public about it. It always gets you that grade boost you need when you’re sitting on the edge. Trust me.
  6. Don’t wear all of your new clothes during the first week. Spread those bad boys out.
  7. Use Spark Notes, but don’t be so obvious about it.
  8. Start your homework before the class period that it’s due.
  9. Stop trying to be grown and make the most of each high school year. Adulting ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  10. Remember - Strive for A's and B's, but C's still get degrees (and Diplomas)!

Have a happy and productive first day of school and school year!

Be Easy,