Free Money?!

College is expensive, but an education is important. I get it, you want to continue your education but money is tight and it looks like you will be paying off college debt for years to come. Well, I want to let you know there there is hope, there are several opportunities for you to win scholarship money for school and I hope you are applying and entering every chance you get. I will be announcing one soon myself here on the website, so stay tuned. (Yes this blog is simply a small teaser, and reminder that Michigan First is awesome and wants to give you money for school!) 

 Winning money for school got me like...

Winning money for school got me like...

 I want to know, how would winning $10,000 for your education impact you? 

That's a lot of money and you could win up to $10,000 from Michigan First. Say tuned for your opportunity to win! The easiest way to stay connected and updated is to follow me on social. I'm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Keep your head up, keep searching for more scholarship opportunities and keep applying! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,