FREE Entertainment?

Procrastination + Felines = ?

So I’m not quite sure why websites like this exist, or how I manage to stumble upon them, but if you’re a cat lover and you like cheap entertainment, then is the site for you.  Now, I know you probably think I’m a little crazy, BUT give me a chance and check this goofy site out by clicking on the link below…

What you will quickly notice is procatinator combines old school music with a random, but hilarious cat gifs.  By clicking on “show me another cat,” one can spend hours upon hours cycling through an endless amount of ridiculous entertainment.  While this site is free to visit, I DO NOT recommend visiting it unless you absolutely have nothing to do.  Along with getting a good laugh, I personally find procatinator worth visiting because of the music!  I guess I had forgotten how many good 80’s and 90’s hits needed to be added to my Itunes.
Until next time,