FOX 17 West Michigan- Live Interview with Young & Free Michigan!

The Bucks For Books Winners have been contacted. They will be announced on the website soon.

Happy Monday Young & Free,

If you checked out my blog post from Friday you know that I was on FOX 17. I was a little nervous because it was a live taping! However, I shouldn't have been nervous because I'm good at talking, and I especially love talking about Young & Free. I had a blast sharing some basic tips to have a successful financial future with West Michigan's Fox 17.

Today, I wanted to share the link of the news segment with you. 

My favorite part of the interview was the chuckle I got out of everyone in the studio, when my southern side came out. I said, "My Momma always told me..."   :) 

Watch the video here.

October is financial planning month. I want to encourage you to evaluate your spending this month. Consider cutting back in some areas and using your money to support your future. I want to live a Young & Free life forever and that means I might have to make some sacrifices now so I can celebrate more in the future. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,