Four Must Haves for The New Semester

The new semester is right around the corner which means, binge watching, infinite naps, and the vampire life must come to an end. That’s ok because we are going to make this new semester the best one yet! Who’s with me? Here are a few tools that’ll help get you in the mood to crush this new semester.

1)    A Hype Playlist

Music is proven to change your mood and provide motivation. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and you’ll have a customized soundtrack to your day.



2)    Journal

School is stressful to say the least. You’ll need a way to unload the stress and writing can help. Whether it’s a word, sentence, or paragraph just write. It’ll help you unload your day.


3)    Planner

Of course, we all have electronic calendars in our devices, but writing in a tangible planner is very helpful. Get a small one so you can easily carry it with you.


4)    Vision Board

Create a vision board, a collage of photos that represent your goals, and keep it in front of you. You can make an electronic one or you can do it the old school way; cut out photos and paste them on a poster board.


Small efforts add up. Try at least one of these essentials and I’m sure it’ll help motivate you this semester.


Stay Young & Be Free,