Four Easy Thanksgiving Dishes to Bring to Dinner

Thanksgiving can bring a lot of cooking peer pressure especially from our parents, but if you’re not a great cook it can make this day super stressful. No worries, I have you covered. Here are some simple recipes for Thanksgiving that will make you look like a pro!


1)    Tiny Apple Pies

Use crescent roll dough and slice up some apples. Add brown sugar and ice cream and you’re done. Full recipe here.

 Courtesy of The Blond Cook

Courtesy of The Blond Cook


2)    Mashed Potatoes

Super easy dish. Just place your potatoes, butter, and a little milk in a slow cooker and you’re    done.  Full recipe here[SH1] .


3)    No Bake Pie

Full recipe here.


4)    Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Spread

This recipe is so easy!

Hopefully these recipes will lessen the stress this Thanksgiving. Tag me in all of your Thanksgiving dishes @YoungFreeMI. Happy Holidays!


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 [SH1]This links to the Tiny Apple Pies page.