Five $1.00 Binder Clip DIY Miracles

As the Young & Free Spokester, I feel obligated to share with you cheap and easy ways to make your lives 100,000,000 times better. Now, I was going to blog about something completely different today, BUT after checking out this post from, I quickly kicked my original (boring) idea to the curb and decided to share this with you instead.

Without further adieu, I bring you 5 amazing DIY miracles you can pull off with ONLY $1.00 binder clips! Check it out!

Smart Phone Stand

Ever wanted to use your smartphone to shoot video or timed photos? Instead of trying to balance it dangerously on its side, us a couple binder clips and a small piece of cardboard as a make-shift smart phone stand! Perfect for office pranks ;)


Hipster Frame

Check out this minimalistic way to make an artistic display around your home or at the office! Even I couldn't mess up this easy DIY-Pinterest idea.

ku-xlarge (1).jpg

The Nasty Sponge Cure

Tired of that nasty smell coming from your kitchen sink? Chances are it's probably coming from the soggy sponge sitting next to your drain. Use one or two clips to keep it high and dry!

ku-xlarge (2).jpg

Keep Cables from Sliding Behind Your Desk

I absolutely despise crawling under my desk to retrieve my laptop's fallen Ethernet or power cord. Attach a couple binder clips to the back of your desk and you'll never have to worry about looking like a goon as your crawl on all fours underneath your desk.



No explanation needed! Muahahaha

ku-xlarge (4).jpg

I have to give MAD CREDIT to for these amazing ideas. These are just five of LH's list of 10 DIY Miracles You Can Accomplish With A $1 Binder Clip. If you've never check out their site before, you should do so asap. 

I might just have to make a video out of this....stay tuned.

Until next time,