Thanksgivin' Bout A Week Ago... Fit, Young & Free

So, Thanksgiving was a week ago, (Cue the music, Thanksgivin’ bout a week ago, but my homies still be eaten though.- My husband sang this remix the other day.)  All of the leftovers are probably gone.

I wanted to give you a little TBT with these awesome workout inspirations to help shed all those extra sweet potato and turkey pounds. 

Major shout out to all of the local personal trainers who helped me create these videos! If you need a trainer, hit them up. They would love to help you reach your goals. 

Also big congrats to Lynette for branching out, "YouTubing"  and starting her own, online  personal training business and HUGE CONGRATS to IamCoachKiwi who recently, won the 2015 NPC Western Michigan Womans Physique Bodybuilding championship! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & free,