How to find Less Competitive Scholarships to Increase your Chance of Winning

Oh, and don’t get this confused with easy scholarships.

Less Money Scholarships

Imagine if you won five $1,000 scholarships. I guarantee you that a $500 scholarship is not as competitive as a scholarship for $5,000… and definitely not $50,000. Just think, the more money, usually the more people apply. Most student shy away from anything $1,000 or less which increases your odds of winning.

But don’t get less money confused with less work. Sometimes these scholarships still require the same workload as a $5,000 scholarship. But it may be worth being the only one to apply, and winning $500… than to be one of 500 applying and walk away with nothing.

Scholarships that make you do more than “enter to win” or write an essay

Everyone can type up a 500 word essay… or reuse one they already typed. No judgement. Even worse, tens of thousands can take 30 seconds to enter into a random drawing for $10,000. But not everyone will do an art project, or go out and take pictures for a photography scholarship, get three letters of recommendation, or create a video. If you look at the requirements and think, “Uhn uh… they’re doing the most. They’re asking for way too much,” that means you need to apply. Thousands other people said the same thing and kept scrolling.

Scholarships unique to you

You’d be surprised. There are scholarships for naturalistas, tech geeks, minorities, left-hand writers, your field of study, hometown, you name it. Sometimes these scholarships can still be big, depending on how specific they are. Try and find things as specific to you as possible. For example: a scholarship for an African American female studying journalism at an HBCU in her freshmen or sophomore year of college. That’s a pretty narrow demographic and will definitely increase your odds, more than if it were simply open to all African American students.

Scholarships from Local Businesses

I know everyone wants to run to Coca-Cola and Gates Millennium to enter for their enormous scholarships, but you’d be surprised how many local businesses give scholarships away. *cough tax write offs.* Check your local credit unions *cough Michigan First Credit Union.* Local grocery stores, newspapers, etc. Anything local is better than national.  

Scholarships from Your Parent’s Job

Ask your parents to check and see if their job offers scholarships for employee’s children. I’ve gotten a few scholarships through my parent’s job. Many employees don’t even know about it. This is definitely a smaller pool of people, and are usually worth quite a bit of money.

Apply! Apply! Apply! You'll thank yourself after those four years are over.

Be Easy,