Mash-Up Video from August 5th's Financial Literacy Presentation

What's Up Young & Free Michigan,

Last night I had the privilege of giving a financial literacy presentation at Alternatives for Girls in Detroit. I had a wonderful time sharing Young & Free tips on how to be a great manager of our money. I put together this short clip from the hour presentation so you can feel like you were a part of it too! 

Shout out to the awesome girls who were bold and answered my hard questions and also the amazing girls who worked that budget sheet and showed ownership in being great managers of their finances! Stay Young & Free ladies! 

I want to thank the AMAZING Young & Free team that helped me prepare for the presentation and a special thanks to Scott, (MI First Marketing Generalist) and Desi (MI First, Wayne Branch Manager) who came, supported me and helped me answer questions, and also thanks to my husband for coming out to cheer me on! 



Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,