Don't Walk, RUN...

It's finally feeling like spring in Michigan! People are taking their dogs for walks, riding their bikes and going out for...runs. 

I am not a lover of running, I actually hate it, but recently have tried to get into it. I don't like it because every time I run I feel like my lungs are in a choke hold, and HELLO that's not supposed to happen! 

My amazing friend Camille came back from Grand Valley last week and since then she has been pushing me to run more and has even been talking about getting me to enter a fun run this summer. I took her up on the challenge and went for two runs so far! At this stage I can do a mile in about 10 min. which is probably pretty pathetic, but I have no idea how long it takes anyone else to run a mile.  So, 10 min. is okay with me. 

My point in telling you this story is that, I am trying something that I don't like because I know it has potential to improve my health. I am not afraid of a challenge. When it comes to our money, coming up with a savings plan or a debt free plan can be overwhelming, no one wants their hard earned cash in a choke hold! It's my money I should be free to do with it what I want... but that's not always the best option. 

I'm running. It's hard, I don't always like it, but I know that in the long run it won't hurt anymore. I know that my lungs will get stronger and my body will be better because of it. I'm making a sacrifice for my future well being and we should be doing the same thing with our fiancee.

Present sacrifices have a future reward! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,