Fall Fun: Haunted Houses!

scary fort fright.jpg

Do you like being scared? Like getting chills, jumping out of your seat in terror? Than this is by far your time of year. This is the time of year where haunted houses and other scary attractions are FINALLY open and up for business. Whether its zombie events, ghost tours, scary corn mazes, haunted hayrides or even REAL haunted houses, there is something scary for EVERYONE when we get closer to Halloween.  This weekend, I had the chance to go to Fort Fright at Fort Michilimackinac, where characters such as skeletons, werewolves and redcoats roamed around the fort! It was more fun than scary, but it still added to the “scary” time and flare of the season! I definitely enjoyed getting out there and doing something season oriented.


If you’re looking to go somewhere closer to home, there are TONS of haunted houses and other attractions nearby. There is an entire list of upcoming Halloween events and attractions at the Michigan Haunted Houses website, as well as coupons, so if and when you do decide to go get scared, make sure you check it out for your Halloween time needs ;).

hauntedh ouses.jpg

And in case you’re not sure if you want to go to a haunted house or if you’re really scared, follow these helpful tips I found on WikiHow:

  • "Determine whether you really want to do this. If you're somebody who gets easily scared in horror movies/themes, then you may just end up getting badly scared and not enjoying yourself at all. So check that you definitely want to do this. It's okay not to--it doesn't mean that you're a "chicken". You just didn't want to do it.
  •  Go with someone close to you. Go with somebody you're comfortable around and are especially close to. That way, when/if you get scared, you can hold onto each other. Plus, things don't seem as scary when you've got a friendly face by your side.
  • Go in a group. Things can be scarier when it's just two or three people--you feel more helpless. Try going with a group of at least four--things will be more fun and it won't be as scary.
  • Stay close to reality. If you start to get really scared and are regretting going in, then calm down and remind yourself that this isn't real. Tell yourself that it's just pretend, and that it's provided for your enjoyment. Another good method is thinking about what will happen when you get out of the haunted house--driving home, going to the park, lunch, etc.
  • Enjoy yourself. Don't run around totally freaked out and screaming. Calm down, and enjoy everything--the suspense, the effects, etc. Remember that the only reason the haunted house exists is so that people can have a fun time. So let yourself get spooked--enjoy it!
  • Plan something afterwards. Plan something that's as not scary as possible, whether it be shopping, hanging out with friends/family, or going to a restaurant. Try to make it so that you're surrounded by people and don't have too much time to start thinking about the haunted house again."


Until next time,  

Vicky :)