Fall Fun: Apple Orchards and Cider Mills!

Nothing is better than walking along side colorful leaves, breathing in fresh, cool air, wearing a light jack to fight off the cold, and crunching leaves underneath your feet as you journey down an autumn path. Then at the end of your journey, you find yourself at an apple orchard, trees filled with shiny, fresh crimson apples, and you've hit the jack pot.

And you've also checked off an awesome fall activity: going to an apple orchard or cider mill! Because we’re in Michigan, we’re surrounded by apple orchards. So if you've been meaning to go but haven’t, your excuses are pretty slim. There are literally over 33 apple orchards and cider mills in southeast Michigan alone. If you are going to an orchard in hopes to find a certain type of apple, make sure you call the orchard first, and if you want to pick your own apples, also make sure you call to see if you can. Depending on where you go, apple orchards and cider mills have different activities you will be able to partake in. For example, some apple orchards (and cider mills) have petting zoos, straw mazes, and parks. If you're looking to go to a place with extras, make sure you call or check it out online first!

 Map of Apple Orchards in the area   

Map of Apple Orchards in the area


But no matter where you decide to go, apple orchards are a BEAUTIFUL and FUN place to spend any autumn day. My dear friend and last year’s spokester, Austin, sent me a great website, providing a full list of apple orchards and guide as to where they are! So make sure to check out the Guide to southeast Michigan apple orchards and cider mills so you’ll have an idea as to where you want to go!



Also - make sure to bring a jacket :)