Extreme Resume Makeover




If you're searching for a job right now, you probably know that the job market is a little icky. However, I bet you never thought that your resume could be the reason you're not getting an interview! Here are some tips to make sure your resume makes it to the top of the pile! These tips were ganked from CNN.com.
1) Don't focus on your title; focus on what you did.
Saying that you were a sales manager isn't very descriptive. The article recommends highlighting specific accomplishments, such as "led a team of six salespeople who increased revenues by $4 million in 2010." It gives the people who sift through hundreds of resumes a week something to latch onto.
2) Avoid cliche buzz words.
The word "entrepreneurial" is hot right now, but don't put it in your resume. Instead, put example of entrepreneurial tasks in your resume. Business managers aren't dumb, they know what an entrepreneur is, and they'll see if you ARE one from what you've done.
3) Re-think your format.
Instead of putting a career summary or objective at the top, take that eye-catching space and detail one of two career highlights. Pick something that makes you stand out in the crowd. 
Another tip - find someone to go over your resume with you! Most colleges have a career center that will be more than happy to sit down and re-think your "resumaic strategy." I made that up. I like it. "Resumaic" is now officially a word.
Stay awesome!