EXTRA! EXTRA! Vote for the Scholarship Competition!


Here's some Newsies:

Yes, that is a 17-year-old Christian Bale. (source)

Voting for the 2012 Young & Free Michigan Scholarship Competition will close TOMORROW, March 8, at noon sharp! The top ten entries with the most votes advance to the finalist round, and we'll know who the winner of the People's Choice prize is! (It's an iPad2 . . . unfortunately not the new iPad that Apple just announced today. Timing, Apple, TIMING!)

Sometime within the next week or so, we will announce the winners of the $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500 scholarships -- and also the two winners of the $50 gift cards for voters! So if you're pulling for a special someone to win that prize money, spread the word! Your votes could potentially change someone's life forever (and win you some cash!)

In the immortal words of Jack Kelly, "Headlines don't sell papes, newsies sell papes." I can yell at you all I want, but it's the social media army that can really make a difference here!

Stay awesome and KEEP VOTING!