Allergy Relievers

Allergies… SUCK!

And as it is allergy season, if we aren’t suffering ourselves, I’m sure we know someone who is. There are quite a few ways to help soften the harshness of allergies, and hopefully these tips help you get through allergy season feeling just a little bit better!

1.  Try taking a shower! 

Not only will the steam help unclog your stuffy nose, the water will rinse off any hidden pollen residue you’ve collected throughout the day. Not to mention, a warm shower may help you relax and put you to sleep!

2. Have a helping of local honey.

When the bees make honey, they transfer the pollen from flowers into it. By eating this honey, your body will build up a tolerance and it’ll relieve your symptoms (or so they say.)

3. Spice up your life!

Eating spicier foods are said to help clear up sinuses. Though this is a temporary fix, eating spicy foods will definitely help decongest you.

4. Drink some hot tea.

The steam from a cup of hot tea will help clear you out and according to ABC news, “The menthol in peppermint tea, for instance, seems to work as a decongestant and expectorant, meaning it can break up mucus and help clear it out of your nose and throat.”

Hopefully these tips will help clear you up!

Best of luck with your pullin' through those allergies,

Vicky :)