$enior Year...

Senior year is expensive! From senior trip to prom and graduation parties, you can pay a pretty penny to make some memories, but do you need to? I have always been money conscious and very careful about spending a lot of money. I went to unconventional stores to buy my prom dress and I didn't throw an elaborate graduation party. There are ways to save money but still make those awesome memories! However, I did make one big purchase my Jr. year of high school that seemed to be worth it...

I went to 4 proms 3 years in a row and I will admit that the most expensive dress I bought was around $200 I think. I felt so guilty asking my mom to buy it because I knew it was a lot of money. Why did I feel the need to get that dress? If i'm being honest, there were not too many options for shopping in the little west Texas town I lived in and I felt like everyone at my school had lots of money and would be wearing fancy expense dresses that they went out of town to buy... and most of them did.  I felt like I needed a fancy dress to fit in. (That attitude is not ok to have, don't feel like you need to spend a lot of money to fit in or be noticed, you just be you boo.) The good thing about that purchase is that I have had a chance to, "outfit repeat" that dress about 4 more times, so spending the extra money was worth it! 

From 2009 to 2014... I wore this dress 3 times and my best friend wore it once, to my "prom" birthday party.

From 2009 to 2014... I wore this dress 3 times and my best friend wore it once, to my "prom" birthday party.

Senior year can cost a lot of money, and unfortunately college is even more money! Michigan First wants to help you prepare for all of the senior year expenses while you are still a freshmen! Michigan First has a specific saving account that High Schoolers can open before their senior year in order to save for things like prom, senior trip, senior pictures and a slammin' grad party, it's called the Money Student Savings Program. This savings account is locked and secure until the fall of your senior year! I think this is great idea! Just think, if you put $10 in the account every two weeks of school (about 20 weeks) for three years you would have $1,200 saved by the beginning of your senior year! WOW! So, for all you seniors, remember you don't need to spend a lot of money to make great memories and to all the other high schoolers, you should really consider opening your savings account today.


Keeping it fresh Young & Free,