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I have a heartbreaking story to tell you all. My precious baby Mac book got an unexpected, surprise crack in the screen. Literally it just appeared one day when I opened it and it began to grow into a monster crack. It really became a problem when it started messing with the pixels in the screen. (I don't think i'm using the right terms, but you know what I mean.)

I fearfully took my injured lap top to the apple store for a check up. I thought to myself, my computer has apple care, this was clearly a fluke injury and I didn't carelessly cause it, i'm sure it's covered. 

After patiently waiting to see the the specialist, they looked at my poor baby computer and told me that it was bad but not hopeless. They will need to order a part to repair the lap top and can fix it in one day, once the part arrives! I was relieved until they informed me that it would cost me close to $500 to fix! WHAT?! I have apple care, doesn't that count for something. Then they calmly explained to me that apple care doesn't cover any physical damages to the device. WHAT A BUMMER!

My husband later told me that there are other companies you can purchase electronic insurance through that will cover physical damages depending on the plan you purchase. I Googled some electronic insurance options and found a few sites that seemed like a good option.

  • Safeware
  • Square Trade
  • Worth Ave Group

Although purchasing insurance for some electronics might seem like a waste of money, from my personal experience it's not. I have only had physical damages happen to my devices and the normal Apple care plan that I normally get doesn't cover that! 

I didn't write this blog to convince you to get a certain kind of insurance, but I wrote today's blog to warn you about the potential cost you might incur if you don't have any insurance for your electronics. 

Hopefully I will get my computer fixed soon because it's getting hard to edit videos with the screen messed up! 

Do you have an insurance plan for your laptop? Through who? 

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