EcoATM: the Future of Electronics Recycling?

An ATM for old electronics? A few years ago, I may have said something cheesy like, "it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie!" to describe my disbelief at this wondrous technology. Now, though? It's getting more and more difficult to surprise me with all the crazy gadgets we humans can produce! 

EcoATM, a San Diego-based company, operates kiosks in which you can turn your old mobile devices into cash, in-store credit, or gift cards. If the device is usable, it's resold to a refurbisher. If not, it's recycled in an environmentally-safe manner. 
The EcoATM CEO says it takes him about 90 seconds to complete a transaction, but it might take longer for first-time users. The article compares the EcoATM to "Coinstar for Cell Phones." More information on how the EcoATM works can be found in this article from
What do you think? Would you use the EcoATM to trade in your old mobile device?
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