Eating Clean and Saving Green

While I could never be a vegetarian (I only like probably 2 vegetables) and I DEFINITELY couldn't be a vegan (soy milk does not agree with my taste buds at all, nor could I give up eggs and um basically everything else I eat because I apparently eat a lot of animals), I actually can imagine myself embracing organic food. "Clean eating," while good for your body and the environment, can carry a hefty price tag, though, which might turn some people off. 

Never fear! The Internet is here! US News has a great blog post about how you can go organic without totally breaking the bank.
1) Coupons!
Subscribe to manufacturer's coupons by mail or online, and make sure you check the circulars that come to your mailbox. Check out to get started.
2) Get a rewards card!
If your grocery store offers a rewards card, get one! If not, get one wherever you shop frequently. The money you save can be put toward your organic food budget!
3) Buy locally grown organic food!
Local markets often have lower prices on organic food than the big chain supermarkets. Also, you're supporting your local small business economy! Win-win!
4) Buy in bulk!
Recently, many warehouse food stores have begun to offer organic food in bulk. Sometimes, buying in bulk can be cheaper -- just make sure it's stuff you'll use up quickly or that can store for a long period of time.
5) Buy organic food that's in season!
Buying organic apples in March is going to be expensive, since they're not in season in Michigan and they need to be shipped in. But some vegetables, such as broccoli and greens, are in season in early spring, and will be cheaper right now. Consider varying your diet based on the growing seasons to save money.
Other tips can be found over at Have any other tips on saving money on organic food? Let us know!
Stay awesome!