Dorm Daze


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Many recent high school graduates who are planning to attend college have probably already selected the school they'll attend in the fall. The summer is all about hanging out with your buddies, working your summer job, and possibly shopping for your dorm room -- if you're planning on going away to school.
Dorm shopping can be expensive, but there are ways to get what you need and still save money. The experts at recommend listing out the basics of what you'll need and going from there.  Not surprisingly, some of the best deals can be found online through a simple Internet search.
1) Bedding.
The article recommends searching for closeout bedding packages. You can find stylish, comfy, yet affordable sets complete with sheets, pillow cases, and comforters for the price of a single sheet set at the department store. 
2) Decor.
You don't want to live in a sterile, boring little shoebox, do you? So you'll want some decorations. Get creative! If you're artistic, make your own artwork to hang. If not, you can search online for cheap posters and wall art. Once things go "out of style", you can find them for less than half of the original cost. (But isn't retro coming back?)
3) Share the wealth.
For larger items, such as mini-fridges, microwaves, sound systems, TVs, etc. try to connect with your roommate(s) to figure out who will bring what. Someone may have an extra TV or DVD player, freeing up the costs for other things you can spend your money on. Just make sure you contribute something, too!
4) Dollar stores are your friend.
Search online for lists of essential items that you may not think about, such as an ironing board or shower shoes. Shopping at the dollar store for small items like these will save you tons of money as opposed to shopping somewhere like Target or CVS.
Get used to living on a budget before you ever become a "poor college student", and you'll find it's much easier to adjust when you REALLY run out of money. :)
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