Dorm Cooking: NO EXCUSES.

This article from is absolutely HILARIOUS. You've all heard the excuses for not cooking in a dorm room, but apparently everyone just needs to suck it up and get to it. The arguments are surprisingly logical: they shoot down all the reasons for being culinarily challenged, such as:

"I suck at cooking."
"I'm always rushing to class."
"My dorm room is too small."
"It's cheaper if I just order delivery."
"There's no good reason for me to know how to cook."
This response is my particular favorite: "Don't let the size of your dorm room deter you from making food. The recipe below can be made entirely using the top of your microwave for your cooking zone. If that's covered with cans, use your desk, and if that's covered in books, use your coffee table. If that's covered, have your roommate get down on all fours and form a table. Come on, you're in college, you can figure this out."
The authors conclude the dorm cooking argument with a simple recipe for potato skins, and it looks pretty darn delicious to me. I don't live in a dorm, but I'm thinking I'll try this in my full-sized house kitchen -- because let's be honest, I'm still a college kid at heart.
Dorm room potato skins. (via


Bon appetit, and, of course, stay awesome!