Don't Sweat Your Electric Bill...

The summer has arrived, with all its sticky humid glory.

Today's blog will give you some tips to help you stay cool and save some cash!

In no way am I comparing you or me to dogs, but I just liked these pictures. :) 

Here we go!

 Picture From-

Picture From-

  • Turn off EVERYTHING when it’s not being used! 

You think that is common sense, but let’s get real people- do you always turn lights off when you leave the room, or unplug chargers when you don’t need them? 

  •  Crack your windows at night, when the sun is down!

This way you will air out and cool down the house without the air conditioning.

  •    Use the Freezer and avoid the oven!

Freeze some grapes to eat as a snack! Freeze a water bottle to put under your neck, when it’s really hot! 

When you turn the oven on, you are welcoming the heat into your home, so just avoid it as much as you can. Instead, use a crock pot, microwave or grill outside!

  •  Spend time in air-conditioned buildings that are free for you! 

Hang out in your community center, library, coffee shop, or someone else's house! This might seem silly, but think about how much time you are spending at home and the hours you have the air running. Maybe you can be just as productive somewhere else and save a little by turning the air off at home.

  • Drink Water 

Take a cold shower before bed and sleep with wet hair. Keep a wet wash cloth around your neck, in extreme heat. Make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. 

 So now you have a few tips and tricks to cool down and cut back on your energy bill this summer! I hope they help!


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,

Ebeth Fielder