Don't Make Dumb Networking Mistakes

For those graduating this spring, commencement is right around the corner. Soon, you'll be out of school and (hopefully) settling into your first professional job. 

But if you haven't found that first professional stepping stone yet, or find yourself back in the game after a few years' experience, here are some networking mistakes you should definitely avoid -- courtesy of CNN Money!

Networking Mistakes Job Hunters Make
Leading with your need
If you're looking for a job, you need a job. The article stresses that job searching is like dating. If you appear desperate, it won't make companies bend over backwards to hire you. Ask questions, gather information, appear interested, start conversations -- but avoid broadcasting your predicament.
Relying exclusively on online social networks
LinkedIn, Facebook, and related sites can be useful in a job hunt, but treat them as a first step instead of the only connection. Meeting with someone in person can go a long way.
Overlooking the people you come across everyday
Chatting up the guy next to you in line at Starbucks, a fellow juror on jury duty with you, or the woman you see every day while dropping your kid off at day care? These conversations could lead to potential job leads. And don't overlook family members or close friends -- you may be unaware of their extensive networks, since you know them personally and not professionally.
Defining your talents and interests too narrowly
Just because you've worked in human resources for ten years doesn't mean that's all you know how to do. Don't be afraid to pursue something slightly outside of your past experiences -- you probably have several skills that are transferrable to different industries.
Read the article here! And good luck on the hunt!
Stay awesome!