Don't Live Without These Money Management Tools!

True story: many college students don't have two pennies to rub together. And learning to manage money is tough, especially if you're on your own for the first time or are suddenly forced to cut back your spending. 

Lucky for you, there are three awesome money management tools that are completely free of charge. will show you exactly where your money is going each month. It will visually represent what you spend on food, bills, entertainment, etc. The best part, though, is the budget setting feature. If you notice you've been spending just a bit too much money on fast food, you can set a $30 per month fast-food budget, and Mint will help you stay on task and track your progress. WHAT UP, BEING RESPONSIBLE, NO BIG DEAL.
PayPal is widely known as a website that makes buying things online super convenient and safe -- but did you know you can also use it to transfer money between friends? Instead of using the bank-based websites that require a ton of hoops to jump through, splitting a pizza with a buddy when neither of you have cash just got much easier thanks to PayPal!
SmartyPig is an online piggy bank, which I think is hilarious. You can set up monthly payments to SmartyPig, and it works just like a savings account - but with goal-setting options and ways to track your progress. Use it when you want to save up for something big, like a car or a new computer!
Check out these three FREE tools to get a jump start on getting your financial life together. Thanks to for the list of websites!
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