Do YOU Like Writing?

 Writing is fun!!

Writing is fun!!

Writing is an essential tool for all of us.  Whether it be for school, our jobs, creating love letters or texting, it's something that we ALL do. And though writing is used for ALL sorts of different purposes, the thing I enjoy most about writing is getting expressive and creative. True Ink said it best, claiming "It calls upon us to bring our left and right brain together to shape experience and feeling into something another person can read and understand." To me, that makes writing an awesome tool to communicate AND to create.  What's even better than all of this is that ANYONE can be a writer. No matter who you are or where you're from, no matter what "level" of writing you are at or what style you prefer to use, writing is a tool that can be picked up and used quite often.

True Ink also listed out some of the key benefits to writing for adults and children, shared below: 

  • enhance their problem solving and critical thinking.    
  •  develop integration of process, content, and skills. 
  • develop organizational strategies depending on the form of the writing. 
  • develop the skill of inquiry ( which includes:collecting and evaluating information, comparing and contrasting, imagining situations from another perspective, building argument for a particular position or point of view, learning the importance of not only asking questions of others but of ourselves, of not only revising the information we receive but being willing to revise the questions).   
  • increase decision making abilities. 
  • develop a healthy skepticism which leads to exploration of ideas, an enlarged world view and a confident imagination.

So, maybe you don't know where to start or how to get involved in writing - and this is where I come in (sort of.) ;).

There are TONS of different writing groups that you can get involved in through the internet, through local libraries, or through colleges. Still - before you find a group, make sure you follow some tips from the article The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, or How to Choose a Writers' Group. It lays out some key things to remember when looking for a writing group that works for YOU.

 Macomb College Writing Club bonding! 

Macomb College Writing Club bonding! 

After going through those key things, you'll soon find out that MACOMB COMMUNITY COLLEGE WRITING CLUB IS THE BEST PLACE FOR YOU, fellow writers. I am the President of the club there, and whether you are a student or a non-student, an experienced or unexperienced writer, ALL are welcome and are encouraged to attend the club. It meets Mondays, 1-3 at Macomb's Center Campus in P Building, room 128. 

If you have any questions or EVER need help with a piece of writing, please feel free to email me at:


Until next time,

Vicky :)