Do You Know What A Credit Union Is? (VIDEO)

HI Young &  Free Michigan, Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago, while I was in Austin I asked some random strangers if they knew what a Credit Union was, and their answers were pretty solid! I was surprised because I didn't even know what a Credit Union was before I was the spokester and statistics say that most young adults still don't. But, times are changing my friends and Credit Unions ROCK!  Check out this video of their answers.

Websters Dictionary defines a credit union as, Credit cooperative formed by a group of people with some common bond who, in effect, save their money together and make low-cost loans to each other. The loans are usually short-term consumer loans, mainly for automobiles, household needs, medical debts, and emergencies. Credit unions generally operate under government charter and supervision. They are particularly important in less developed countries, where they may be the only source of credit for their members.

I define Credit Unions as an awesome place to do your banking! But in all honesty Michigan First Credit Union is a rock star Credit Union, we offer a whole lot of services! You can see all of the services at our website! 

I love being a part of Michigan First and being a member of a Credit Union!

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