Do TV Ads Actually Work on GEN Y?

Commercials and I Have a Love-Hate Relationship

It seems like commercials are pretty hit or miss these days.  Either we love them and are willing to watch them repeatedly on Youtube, or we change the channel and/or hit the mute button as fast as possible.  In a day and age where video advertisements are almost impossible to avoid, companies are being forced to come up with more and more clever ways to connect with Generation Y. 
I recently found an interesting info-graphic that gives some insight into how and why businesses are changing up their advertisements to cater to our generation.  Advertisements that hit these main points don’t leave young adults feeling like they’ve had something pushed on them.  Whether it’s sadness, excitement, passion or humor, they feel an emotional response.

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After giving this chart a quick look over I quickly realized how true this is.  Think about it.  Old Spice commercials are hugely popular with guys these days.  Why you ask?  Well it’s because they hit almost all of the four major points.  They are edgy and sarcastic.  They feature somewhat regular guys in exaggerated situations and manage to tap into the inner male psyche.  We tend to think they are hilarious and don’t feel like we are purposely manipulated into buying a product. 
I personally find this kind of research to be fascinating.  Special thanks to for the info-graphic.  Comment below if you have any pet peeve or commercials that you think are done really well!
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